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I am a Solution Architect at AWS focused on High-Performance and Scientific Computing. I joined Amazon in 2017 and I helped build and launch AWS ParallelCluster, an open-source product to build High-Performance computing clusters. I then built out ParallelCluster Manager (now called ParallelCluster UI), a web-console for ParallelCluster. I’m a Pilot and a Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII). I own two airplanes and have flown to all 50 US States to raise money for Angel Flight West. I run long distances and regularly run 100 miles at a time. In college I gave the graduation speech for the CS department and graduated in four years with a bachelor and masters degree.

Aviation ✈️

I started flying in 2017 and since I’ve accumulated well over 1,000 hours of total flight time in airplanes ranging from seaplanes to speedy, modern retractable-gear aircraft. I own a 1947 Cessna 140 N3701V and a 1969 Mooney M20k N231ER. I’m an FAA rated Flight Instructor (CFI) and instrument flight instructor (CFII). I taught my fiancΓ© Alex how to fly and now she’s an active pilot. You can learn to fly with me! ✈️

Sean Flying Sean Flying

50 States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

In 2022, I flew to all 50 States in order to raise money for Angel Flight West. Angel Flight provides transport (via aircraft) for patients with critical medical attention. This provides a vital link for patients in rural communities to easily get medical care from far away hospitals.

The trip took 31 days and in addition to landing in each state we also ran a mile in each state. Read more about it @ thefiftyproject.com.

Running πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

I’m an avid runner, I completed my first marathon at age 15 and haven’t stopped running since. I’ve completed numerous ultra-marathon races including Canyons 100M, Oregon Cascades 100M, UTMB and a bunch of shorter races. My current goal is to qualify for Hardrock 100 or Western States.

Sean Running Sean Running

College 🏫

I completed my BA and MS in Computer Science in 4 years at Boston University. I gave the commencement address for the computer science department in 2017. You can watch it here. I was the head of a on-campus maker-space, BUILDS for 2 years. In addition I taught as a TA for Network Security (CS558), Data Structures and Algorithms (CS112), and Computer Systems (CS210) at Boston University.

Alex πŸ‘°πŸ»

Out of all my achievements the one I am most proud of is marrying my wife Alex.

Sean and Alex Sean and Alex

People who inspire me 😎

I take inspiration from DHH, Feross, and Nikil.

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