Mount Additional EFS/FSx Lustre Filesystems in AWS ParallelCluster 🗂️

Posted on Sep 22, 2021
tl;dr: Mount multiple filesystems on the same AWS ParallelCluster cluster.

Mount Additional EFS Filesystems in AWS ParallelCluster

In AWS ParallelCluster 3.0 only one EFS filesystem can be mounted at a time. This guide allows you to attach multiple by making use of the Custom Bootstrap Actions feature to create a OnNodeConfigured script that mounts the Filesystem.

To create the mount script we’ll match the options that parallelcluster uses when it launches a filesystem. See efs_mount.rb for more info.

  1. First create a script that contains the following:
# Takes three arguments:
# 1. Filesystem id, i.e. fs-78ddf7cb
# 2. Region, i.e. us-east-1
# 3. Mount Point, i.e. /apps
echo "The script has $# arguments"
for arg in "$@"
    echo "arg: ${arg}"

# create directory if it doesn't exist
mkdir -p ${3}

# mount via nfsv4
mount -t nfs4 -o nfsvers=4.1,rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576,hard,timeo=600,retrans=2,noresvport ${1}.efs.${2} ${3}

# change permissions
# chmod ec2-user:ec2-user ${3}
  1. Next upload your script to S3:
aws s3 cp s3://
  1. Next update your clusters config.yml to include the following section in both the HeadNode and SlurmQueues sections. The IAM section gives your cluster read-only access to that bucket.
      Script: s3://<bucket-name>/
        - "fs-78ddf7cb"
        - "us-east-1"
        - "/apps"
      - BucketName: <bucket_name>
        EnableWriteAccess: false
  1. Update your cluster or create a new one!
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