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Posted on Aug 4, 2023
tl;dr: Slurm restrict user login to only nodes with running jobs

Slurm PAM “adopt” allows you to restrict users to login to only to compute nodes where they have running jobs. It “adopts” the process that the user is running on the node in order to login. If they don’t have a job running they’ll get permission denied.

There is some nuance to this, for example should users be allowed to ssh into a node they’re only partially using? This behavior can be configured with Options in the command.

In the next section we’ll setup Slurm PAM Adopt:


  1. Either clone and configure or navigate to the folder with the Slurm source, this might be /opt/slurm or /admin/slurm/22.05.5, this is where we’ll compile the pam adopt module. Make sure the version of slurm corresponds to the version installed on the system i.e. squeue --version should match the SLURM_VERSION environment variable. You can find the slurm version tags here.

    git clone -b ${SLURM_VERSION}
    cd slurm/
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/slurm --with-pmix=/opt/pmix --with-jwt=/opt/libjwt --enable-slurmrestd
    cd contribs/pam_slurm_adopt/
    sudo make install
  2. Next enable it in the /etc/pam.d/system-auth file:

    sudo su
    echo "-account    required" >> vim /etc/pam.d/system-auth
  3. Next enable the prolog flag in slurm.conf:

    echo "PrologFlags=contain" >> /opt/slurm/etc/slurm.conf
  4. Enable the task plugin for task/cgroup:

    echo "TaskPlugin=task/cgroup" >> /opt/slurm/etc/slurm.conf
  5. Verify that PAM is enabled:

    cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | grep "UsePAM"
    UsePAM yes
  6. Voila! now submit a job as one user, switch to another user and try to login to that node. You should see “Permission Denied”.


There’s a few configuration flags that can be set to configure the behavior of pam_slurm_adopt, such as:

flag value Description
action_no_jobs ignore|deny ignore this check if no jobs are found
action_unknown newest|allow|deny if the user has multiple jobs, allow them on the basis of newest, allow, or deny.
action_adopt_failure allow|deny if the user fails the previous two check, let them in?
action_generic_failure ignore|allow|deny catch all for any other failure. used for debugging.
disable_x11 0|1 disable x11 sessions
join_container true|false job the container when a job is run with job_container/tmpfs

List these options after in /etc/pam.d/system-auth like so:

-account    required    action_no_jobs=ignore   action_unknown=allow    action_adopt_failure=allow ...
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